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Downloading Ebooks & Audiobooks FAQ

What's the difference between Libby and Overdrive?
Both are great, free programs for downloading library ebooks and audiobooks. Both draw from the same collection of books.

Overdrive is the older version. It is the only one that works with a Kindle Fire. Some people find that it works better for downloading things to your computer, especially if you are then transferring them to another device (like an mp3 player). Learn more here: (Download links are at the very bottom.)

Libby is the newer version. Some people find that it is more user-friendly. It works with Apple CarPlay. However, it does NOT work with Kindle Fires. Download it here:

You can use whichever one you're comfortable with, but don't switch back and forth-- it confuses the computer system.
You can't download more books by using both.

You can have more than one library account on either one, so that family members can share a tablet or other device without using up all your checkouts.

Both apps require a PIN. Your PIN is a four digit number-- it's the phone number you used when you signed up for your library card.

Both apps require you to put in your library card number.

What if you don't have a library card?
Usually, we required photo ID and proof of address to issue library cards. However, because of the virus situation, we are issuing temporary card numbers to people so that they can download free ebooks and audiobooks from our Libby app. Email your full name, birth date, phone number, and street address to and we'll give you a library card number. It will expire in six months, and you'll need to come in and show us a photo ID and proof of address then.

What if you have a library card from another system?
You can add a card from there too! Another library system's collection of books may be different from ours.

Want to Bookmark your page? You can. But your book will automatically open or start where you left off.

Want to return a book? You don't have to-- it will automatically disappear from your device when due. But if you need to free up the space, or want to be nice to someone waiting for the book, you can return a book early. See how here:

Want to go to sleep listening to an audiobook? Click the little moon symbol to set a sleep timer. Your book will stop playing after 15 minutes, when you're in dreamland.

Is the audiobook narrator too slow or too fast? You can adjust the speed.

Not sure about a word? Tap and hold any word to learn its meaning.

Print too small? You can adjust the size and the font for easier reading.

For Libby tutorials, go here:

For Overdrive help, go here:


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